What's the history of infomoby?

Infomoby is an affiliate of Africa118,an information services company focused on information search. We officially launched operations in Uganda in 2011, then on 12th September 2014 we launched in Uganda.

What services does infomoby offer?

At infomoby we offer everything a small business or large organization needs to stand out. From custom Voice Services (191 KE, 193 KE, 192 UG) to Online Presence i.e. Directory, Enhanced Online presence for businesses, Quality Websites at Affordable price, Syndication to popular search engines (SEO),SMS website updates, Social Media presence….etc.

Is infomoby just for small businesses?

No. The services and features that make our small business customers happy will also make the interested large business owners or those with personal interests equally happy.

Why should I use infomoby instead using other online directories?

At Infomoby we pride ourselves for being the most comprehensive and accurate database in Uganda. We try to validate all the listings in our database.

How do I use infomoby to search for things like Pizza or Alcohol…etc?

Easy!...Just go to the infomoby website and type what or where you are looking for on the search area located on the top area, slightly below the Header. Click search and voila!.. :-)

Can I add my business on the infomoby directory? And if Yes,how do I do that?

Yes you can. For now , if you happen to find your information isn't pn infomoby and you would want to have it available, just drop us an email with all the necessary information and we'll add it for you.simple!

Very soon we'll make it possible for individuals to add information themselves. We'll inform you about that though.

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